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We believe that it's never too early or too late to learn so we offer a variety of programs for all ages!

Our programs are designed to help children realize their interests in the STEM arena. We start with a very basic intro to coding which helps the students think like an engineer. This opens the door to explorations into electronic circuits and microcontrollers. We also offer 3D printing courses if the students are more interested with design. If the student just wants to focus on software, we can do that too! In the end, the students should be able to create solutions where they can design and 3D print pieces that mechanically work together with electronics powered by software in microcontrollers.

We're currently working on building out the Science program so check back soon!

Give us a call:

(661) 237-8900

Technical Enrichment


Our goal is to tie it ALL together for the betterment of local communities. Many problems can be solved with Software, Electronics, Mechanics, and Science. We want to take our program world wide and teach kids how to solve problems with technology to improve their community.



We use Sphero as a fun intro to programming!

With the help of Sphero, we're able to teach kids how to think systematically and logically while having a bunch of fun! Yes, coding can be fun! With this intro class, your child will learn the basics of programming and how to think like a programmer.



Simple circuits and more!

Starting with drawing circuits on paper to prototyping on breadboards. We currently offer courses on simple circuits, circuit analysis and even soldering! Your child will get to experience building various circuits with LED lights, motors, switches and more!



Programming and electronics in perfect harmony!

Things are starting to get interesting! Time to tie it together and put that software and electronics knowledge to use! With microcontrollers your child will apply their programming skills and electronics skills together to start creating automated and sensor reactive projects!

3D Printing


From out of thin air?!

Wait, there's more! Your child will need something to house the awesome projects they're creating! We will teach your child how to design and print different types of structures, gears, arms, wheels, and more! Your child will learn different structural engineering techniques for different scenarios. Let's start building!

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