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Teaching kids how to learn through fun STEM projects so they can make a difference in their future!

Stemulated Academy was born from an inquisitive mind with a desire to put tools in the hands of the next generation of tinkerers, creators and builders - our kids - to make a difference in their future.


Founded by Brian who has a degree in Computer Engineering from UC Irvine with 4 beautiful children and an incredible wife (still trying figuring out how she said yes). His love language is coding and thoroughly enjoys talking about anything STEMulated related.


Growing up with an Electrical Engineer father, Brian Chen was exposed to the inner workings of anything with moving parts and used his curiosity as a launching pad for his own career in Software Engineering. It is evident that curiosity is in our kids already. All the videos they watch about building, unwrapping, etc. serve as proof.

As a father of 4 homeschooled kids he wanted to create an environment for kids to build, tinker, and exploration beyond traditional school systems. He firmly believes that there is no age limit to learning and that hands on is the best approach. There isn’t a part of our daily lives that Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics doesn’t have a role in, let’s help our kids make a better tomorrow by learning today!

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